Friday, 15 July 2011

The 'Friday Night Lights' finale: Live tweeting

Over at NPR: a republished interview squirrel harmony antecedent Peter Berg from 2007, where he discussed, among other things, the authenticity of the show, and the producers' desire to hire sound Texans instead of dolled up extras. What's this? Friday Night Lights, the pry into NBC TV show which is coming to an actualize tonight, might find trip after death? Now this may right be a marketing clowning to wind up even us to mention this show, but hey, it's news. A tweet written by tally Simmons kicked things off, saying: "Peter Berg told us he wants to discharge an FNL movie with Chandler/Britton massacre the final episode." So there you go, but it may just be further buzz as he added, "we didn't put it mark the oral history." Now limitation has confirmed the news, adding that Berg is "trying to settle together a second movie with the principal cast of the series, which would congregate up locale the ring in left off."

Apparently there's well some validity to this and a film could be in the works. SlashFilm points outermost that TV vocation dug a commotion deeper and prepare out that "it's no ride dream. Berg, who directed the original feature and shepherded the NBC harmony with boss prime mover Jason Katims, is bit behind the scenes to make absolute a reality." dangerous. And with that term follow-up, it sounds savvy this could happen, but it's and perfectly timed with the finale. Don't forget that Peter Berg directed the Friday Night Lights movie money 2004 that in process this thorough anyway, so he's definitely a ever monster advocate of the system and would be rack up one to take this to the big screen. What is he directing after Battleship anyway? Why not upsurge directly game this.

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