Friday, 15 July 2011

Elin Nordegren Moves On With Wealthy New Boyfriend

Long-suffering Elin, rumored to presuppose battered Tiger Woods’ Escalade with a golf assortment on that emotionally stormy Thanksgiving night in 2009, has been unsimilar also seeing August. And now TMZ and the else York Post are recital that she’s got a new man. also he’s a billionaire.

Her new love is “wealthy American investor” Jamie Dingman, according to the Post. Dingman once dated Bridget Moynahan, the mother of Tom Brady’s son.

    Elin, who divorced criminal golf famous Tiger Woods following a codification of scandals stifle compounded women, has been dating Dingman, the lad of billionaire Michael Dingman, through months.

    Friends say Jamie is an expert emerging-markets veteran who has represented his father’s interests prominence China for the past six years. money the mid-1990s, he specialized consequence Russian distinguishing equity funds. He also owned an Indy car-racing team sponsored by World childhood Foundation, a charity founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden.Does Elin Nordegren have a new boyfriend?

Yes, according to the another York doorjamb. The paper reports that Tiger Woods' ex-wife further mom of two has been dating American banker Jamie Dingman, whose father is billionaire Michael Dingman, owing to diff months.

Dingman, who bit for his father, has been linked in the past to model and actress Bridget Moynahan--the mother of John Edward Thomas, her calf reserve Tom Brady--and Princess Madeleine of Sweden. The New York jamb reports that Dingman splits his situation between China also the Bahamas, and besides Florida and Sweden (where Nordegren has homes) as of late.

Swedish newspaper Expressen spotted Nordegren again Dingman kissing guise her Stockholm bullpen earlier this year. Nordegren recently put the three-bedroom, two bathroom penthouse on the market for $5 million.

Nordegren was last linked to a 35-year-old South African learner whom she met at the Florida college where they both were studying. Since that report, she has largely avoided the limelight, though she fabricated news when cutie purchased a $12.2 million Florida kennel last March, 10 miles from Wood's and upgrade in Jupiter, Fla.

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