Saturday, 20 August 2011

RefWatch – Arsenal Vs Liverpool

It seems that we may have caused a wee bit of a stink with our unfashionable interest in the selection of match officials last season; so much so that the official PGMOL site remains static and unyielding of data with regards to the fixtures. Can we take the credit for this.. no – for it is not a matter of ‘credit’ – less transparency is a bad thing but with such isolation comes the silver lining of suspicion and ultimately the loss of credibility in the company leading to a public outcry and independent regulation.
We can dream eh!?
Anyhoo – I’ve found an alternate source, although I’m not 100% sure yet that it’s accurate so if an entirely different referee turns up to the match well… sorry. Although – to be fair, the PGMOL have chopped and changed referee’s last minute so many times without explanation (more than any other professional league to my knowledge) that it really makes no odds… in fact unofficial sources may actually prove to be more reliable.

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