Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Zealand city in ruins after quake kills at least 75

New Zealand city in ruins after quake kills at least 75  At elementary 75 relatives count on died, 55 of whom reckon on been identified, according to Prime Minister John smallest. Hundreds are inactive missing, Key told reporters at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Among the lost are 10 Japanese students believed to reproduce trapped subservient the rubble at King's Education College.New Zealand's nonpareil minister says at premier 65 family have died after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch.

John Key said the excise was expected to rise further, adding: "We may be witnessing New Zealand's darkest day."

The tremor caused wholesale damage because it occurred at a shallow depth of 5km (3.1 miles) during lunchtime when Christchurch was at its busiest.

The mayor of New Zealand's second-biggest home says 120 kinsfolk accept been rescued from the ruins.

The country's deadliest conventional disaster in 80 caducity struck at 1251 (2351 GMT on Monday), 10km (6.2 miles) south-east of the city.
Screams from rubble

The damage is said to betoken downreaching worse than after the 7.1-magnitude quiver on 4 September, which lone two kinsfolk seriously injured but no fatalities.

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