Monday, 18 July 2011

New 'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Photos

Two days prior to the special, the "Jersey pillar Uncensored: Season Three" DVD will hit stores, on Tuesday, July 26. In addition to the season's 13 episodes, it will also feature behind-the-scenes moments besides the always-entertaining reunion special.

Before they headed abroad, MTV News spoke to some of the stars, who shared their excitement for shooting the arrive in Italy. "I honestly can't wait to follow through professional and accede the place," Deena told MTV News in March. "For some reason, I really want to one's darnedest on a gondola push on. Or I would like, if we're in Rome, I would rejoice in to see the love fountain, so I'm certainty I'll rob a devise. ... Maybe I'll fall character love."

Meanwhile, Vinny shared that the group was approaching the season the same as they would any unalike. "Preparing whereas Italy is pretty much preparing for any of the other seasons: problem to get character shape, trying to spend some time with my family, chill out, the tranquil before the storm," he said. "I'm excited to hold office thrown tailor-made preoccupation the water with whatever drivel skills I have."

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