Thursday, 28 July 2011

Melissa Molinaro Kim Kardashian Look Alike Sued (Pictures)

Kim Kardashian sues Old Navy and its parent company, Gap Inc, said in an LA court Wednesday to a popular Old Navy now Kim Doppelgänger, singer, model Melissa Molinaro, the magazine of the U.S.. One commercial, titled, "Super cute," began airing in February and Old Navy still uses some of the actions, states claim.
Melissa Molinaro music video inspired by the campaign for the company has grown into a viral video web blow. TMZ says that Kim is particularly applicable to Old Navy has also created a campaign to Twitter, in an attempt to siphon further fame in life. "Kim Kardashian is instantly recognizable, and is known for its appearance and style. Identity and personality are valuable. Violated when the intellectual property, intends to implement," said a lawyer for the Communist Party.
26-year-old Reggie Bush, who is separated from the reality TV star, 31, Kim Kardashian in March 2010 after a high profile on-again, except again relationship discovered by Molinaro in modern steakhouse Beverly Hills. Melissa Molinaro are a Canadian-born, American pop singer, actor, choreographer and model.
The search for the next Doll: He is perhaps best known for her appearances in reality television on the Making The 3 Band and Pussycat Dolls are not known. Usually, Kim Kardashian, the burning of the Internet, but today is a clone of Melissa Molinaro, what to look for a flurry of activity online and people for information about Old Navy model.

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