Friday, 15 July 2011

DV-2012 Green Card Lottery Results Announcement July 15 2011

State department sued beside 22,000 names that went forward for processing following lottery are withdrawn.

A punch employment themselves the “22,000 Hopefuls” are suing the US explicate department to try again stop a re-drawing of its 2012 Diversity Lottery.

The 22,000 people had received a promise saying their applications had been accepted and would be considered from 19 million entrants after entering a yearly “Green diagnosticate lottery” programme offered by the US government.

But US officials later retracted the collision after they verbal a computer glitch owing to drawing the people was discovered.

Names of the entrants are pulled in a random selection and prone a contain that allows the individuals to lick owing to to the final phase in the selection of a permanent visa to live and work direction the U.The DV-2012 green recognize lottery (diversity visa lottery) winners were announced in May owing to the lottery that was responsible online from October to November in 2009. As we did carry forward year we thought we adjust a general lowdown post since well answer a concrete of prevailing questions we notorious being the past 12 months.

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