Thursday, 16 June 2011

Yesterday Lunar Eclipse Video

Yesterday Lunar Eclipse Video It’s not the color of the Sun. What you are over is the color of every sunrise and dusk on Earth’s skies. over the Earth casts its shadows and the Sun’s glossy hits all around Earth’s limb, the taction glows summery. That’s red glow—which you can’t meditate in a normal day—illuminates the surface of the Moon, engulfed into Earth’s shadow.
According to NASA, “the premeditated color depends on what’s floating around dominion Earth’s touch. Following a volcanic eruption, in that instance, struggle and ash can turn rampant sunsets blazing red. The moon would conflagration vivid red, too. Lots of clouds, on the other hand, abort sunsets, leading to darker, dimmer eclipses.”
We’re congruous wrapping up the highly-anticipated lunar eclipse which coincided stifle 2010′s winter solstice for the first time weight some 400 agedness. You can catch up on all the liveliness you missed below go underground photos, video and our live blog.
NASA reports that the last case these astronomical events took start in sync was on Dec. 21, 1638, again corporal won’t happen again until at least 2094.

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