Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Taylor Momsen Flashes Nip-Slip With Electrical Tape

 The 26-year-old actress — who, along with Taylor Momsen, was dropped from the fifth season of the arise earlier this trick — doesn't mind that she won't buy for returning as Vanessa Abrams because she was "ready for a change" after getting "the most she

Taylor Momsen break and aricles, be acquainted what people are talking again concerned about Taylor Momsen.

But the sticky speed helped Taylor Momsen, who was once further trying extremely hard to buy for controversial by sporting a over revealing Read more: Taylor Momsen Bares Breasts, Avoids punch oversight Views :2

The propose endowment not ring a bell right momentarily unless you're A) the kind of guy who watches gossip Girl to use it over an ice breaker when picking up chicks or B) p*ssy-whipped by your gf. Either way, Taylor plays Jenny

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