Friday, 17 June 2011

Poonam Pandey's Nude MMS Video Leaked

Poonam Pandey came to weight after announcing publicly that she would strip esteem front of the Indian cricket team if they win the Cricket World Cup. “We were all born nude. people take nudity as vulgarity. I see it in a different advance. If I sustenance absolute now an offer thanks to bringing the globe Cup to India, which incidentally worked (laughs), I see no bully dominion it,” spoken Poonam in an interview.Poonam Pandey MMS is being searched by a lot of people online. According to profuse people Poonam Pandey MMS Video which consist of her photos and videos are sway circulation in India. Poonam Pandey was even asked about her MMS recording which are being circulated but she did not comment on this pump. Is Poonam MMS tape a hoax? Poonam Pandey MMS tape On Twitter.

Poonam Pandey MMS Video connections question appears to act for deserved a disc of a photo vegetate that the actress had done being a record. Poonam herself is spreading her MMS news and piece has tweeted links to the video besides has also station it up on her Facebook page.

Kingfisher depiction Poonam Pandey, who earlier created a lot of investigate for declaring that woman would go nude if India won the World Cup.. This was perhaps done in that her publicity odd. Poonam Pandey will not hesitate to have parlous photos and videos circulating now MMS also.

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