Thursday, 30 June 2011

Phoebe Hui's N-ude Pictures Leaked on The Web

Nevertheless, she is feeling apprehensive that her idiosyncratic data might be leaked further is contemplating on whether to seek help from the police.A collection of nude photographs featuring the busty Hong Kong diagram has gone viral fix the cyberspace.

Hui, the proud hotelkeeper of D-cup breasts, admits that she's the person in the photos and that the nude shots leaked online after she lost her cell phone.

While some speculate that this is nothing but a gimmick, Hui denied it, recital that she absent her phone in a mall on June 17.

"I without reservation didn’t envisage the photos to typify leaked as my cell phone is protected by password," she explained.

She said she took the photos for enjoyable and seeing a remembrance of her youth.

"I hope everyone don’t take my photos acutely seriously. Many female celebrities overseas are involvement this," mademoiselle said.

Nevertheless, she is inspired that her personal data might steward leaked also is now seeking assistance from the police.

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