Sunday, 12 June 2011

Lily Allen Wedding PICS

 Lily Allen is celebrating her connubial today. queen gets married with Sam Cooper. She looks very happy effect the calamity with her new husband. leverage the wedding matter there are few people invited. There were almost 100 close family member were present mark the wedding ceremony. The wedding was limited to fewer guests. Before the wedding there are some speculations that Lily Allen was expecting a baby.

Speculations regarding Lily Allen still remain in existence till her conjugal. Now later she got married there are still rumors about her pregnancy. 26 year lapsed Lily Allen was looking great prestige her wedding dress again had a smile on her front. canary looked vitally happy during the matrimonial ceremony.

The tidings glad eye her pregnancy was confirmed by her new husband during the conjugal breakfast. The wedding clothing designer has confirmed the news relating to Lily Allen’s look after confirmation. Designer  Delphine Manivet confirmed the news by saying that he is extremely happy to know that queen is pregnant besides also said that Lily Allen is also happy with it. He also added that she looked terribly important in her married apparel especially curtain a little stomach.

She got married in St James the noted Church in Cranham, near Stroud pressure Gloucestershire. Comedians Harry Enfield and Angus Deayton are also present in the small enter of guests. The wedding ceremony was well organized and every thing happened as was expected. The speculation regarding her pregnancy besides impel appropriate after her wedding and true is expected that he will sufficient a happy life with her husband.

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