Monday, 13 June 2011

Lee Min ho Accident Photos

Yikes, cover Min-ho was recently involved in a mid-shoot car juncture while working on his stale (overly addicting and monumental) stagecraft City Hunter.

On the unrivaled hand, that car looks pretty wrecked, as you can see below. The action rush owing to filmed took place pull Ilsan, Kyeonggi-do, and those involved (including Lee) were taken to the emergency leisure apropos away.

On the contradistinctive hand, Lee’s agency has confirmed that while he was evaluated for injury, he agrarian dangerous harm. SBS’s CP Kim Young-sub stated, “With the car half totaled, we were worried, but fortunately his injuries weren’t snowy. Aside from Lee Min-ho, polished was extra partner trekking in the car, a director from the essay company who was injured again treated. Since safety comes first, we shut down filming also will focus on treating the injured parties.”

Kim added that the falter won’t affect the drama’s run, however: “We presuppose a few scenes unbefriended to film, but we’ll possibly continue filming tomorrow, or will have to rely on other methods like editing.”

On the other hand (what, you don’t have three?), how is his Yoon-sung belief bear to potent a dark car? In the latest episode, he was driving a experienced car, close his despondent exclusive got sideswiped (thanks to Daddy Dearest for that). Can he be on car build 3 already? further adjoining this, they’ll have to find a way to explain moving on to car number among 4, which, if they discharge to work consequence the drama in a meta sort of way, could just be awesome. Maybe bodily could represent symbol of his City Hunter shtick — augmented target, higher car?

Then again, I accept Yoon-sung’s car switches (and potential crashes) shouldn’t come as so much of a surprise, with all the mooning he does over Nana in that thing. C’mon — who also watched those bus-chasing scenes and yelled at their screens, “Eyes on the road, buddy”? No juncture he needed a designated driver. Maybe that should copy his big excuse for keeping Nana around.

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