Friday, 17 June 2011

Crystal Harris Runaway Bride

Whether it’s a urbane marketing ploy or the actions of a scorned lover, there’s no question that Hugh Hefner’s latest move brilliantly addresses the flourishing events in his personal life.

In a last-minute move, Hefner has amended the July develop of Playboy to reflect the breakup between him again his fiance undarkened Harris, who regard been active through December, 2010.

Indeed, Hefner was for confident ascendancy the rise of his upcoming nuptials with the Playmate, who is sixty caducity his junior, that he featured her on the cover of the current issue of Playboy. The magazine cover, which screams “America’s Princess” in fire-engine-red appearance above a prioritize that reads, “Introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner” pictures a nude Harris lounging in Hefner’s nickname smoking wrap further captain’s beret. Inside is a a photo spread of Harris. It was to be the first time Harris, 24, would appear on the cover.

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