Friday, 17 June 2011

Always Kabhi Kabhi Hit or Flop

Always Kabhi Kabhi Hit or Flop 300x245 Always Kabhi Kabhi Hit or FlopAashish Rego again Shree D’s duration song is cinema-school-love template unabbreviated the way. Antenna is standard Pritam material – the kind he makes Neeraj Shridhar sing usually…Benny Dayal does the honors here; foot-tapping further appealing. interpret ke din, Better not mess cloak me besides Undi the condi form the perfect regurgitated, messy triumvirate – exactly what scores of other composers accredit composed in the name of a school/young slinky dream and adequately pointless. Jaane kyun is the only other track that offers some solace, that too, Naresh’s version; Shafqat overcooks his sufi version anyway. Candyfloss soundtrack desperately needing a floss clean-up.The album starts with Aashish Rego again Shree D’s personalized composition for the album, which happens to be the title track of the album. The song, sung by Bhavin Dhanak, Sanah Moidutty and Apeksha Dandekar, is a usual, funky-colleg-y hold that is full of nice beats, but the less than four minutes’ track takes a lovely turn when a Sufiana voice enters the chin music almost a teeny before the end of the rap. Still don’t differentiate which of the singers it is, but quite loved the entry, especially the way physical happens there. Shame that the make known doesn’t carol much.

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